Monday, November 22, 2010

Those twin books...

I, like many twin moms, have read tons of books about raising twins. Most of them, believe it or not, were read after the boys arrived. Prior to their birth I had read lots as well, but mostly pertaining to the pregnancy and first few months. Once my parents had finally left (about 2 months after the boys arrived) and Jason was back to work I felt that I needed some words of wisdom from other twin mothers who had been there and who might actually have something to say that made sense to those of us living "it" for the first time. Well, I was wrong.

I did buy one book brand new, which was a huge thing since we could barely afford food; however, this book came highly recommended. I was at a loss for how to make anything work with two infants and a 3 year old, and had heard that this book had a "realistic" view of twins since it was written by a twin mother. So, I read the entire book cover to cover within 2 days. The only thing I felt was anger that I had spent 12.00 on a book filled with trash that really could only serve to alarm a new mother of twins! The one thing that stuck in my head was that you should NEVER pick up both babies at the same time, because it just was not safe! I mean SERIOUSLY! If you are a mother of newborn twins and another child and you are barely keeping yourself together after your family leaves and your husband returns to work who the **** is going to pick up the other one and hand him to you after you have gotten the first????

I guess this brings me back to my first day alone with all three children. My parents had stayed in Maine for 2 months extra to help out with the boys and Jason had taken time off from work, but only a few days after the boys were born and then went back for a shortened week for a couple of months. So, when my parents had left I had mixed feelings. I mean having your parents practically living with you in your house that is too small for the people who normally inhabit it can be a little, hmmm, challenging at times? Although, we, were grateful to have them there helping out because we were feeling like zombies and completely overwhelmed it was a bit of a relief in a way for them to go to Florida for the winter. We would finally, be able to figure out a "routine" that worked for all of us and now that the boys were two months old they did not seem as scary.

 I was a nursing mom and although the first 3 weeks were hell by the time they were 2 months old we were doing great! With nursing that is... I will say that the whole idea of juggling both boys to nurse was a bit intimidating. I mean not the nursing two part but the actual picking up two at a time and getting to where I was going and then getting up again to put them down was, well, not easy. There was a period of time I can remember sitting in my recliner, Jason not home, my parents gone back to Florida and Isabelle bouncing from the walls where I distinctly remember saying to myself, "how am I ever going to get out of this chair." I mean I was here for the whole day with all of the kids, I was bound to have to change a diaper, make a meal and maybe even use the bathroom! I was going to have to be able to get up!!! So, thankfully, I had been using the Double Blessings EZ-2-Nurse Twins Breastfeeding Pillow Mocha Brown Minky Dot . I had already been using the built in belt to hold it in place and I now realized that this pillow had another use... I could actually use this pillow as a little table to balance the boys with me holding them in a football hold to get out of my chair! Ok, so maybe it seems a little odd and likely not recommended, but it did give a little extra support to them while I got up and carried them to their swings! I will say that had the pillow fallen off of my waist I did have them gripped tightly and they would not have fallen, but still that is how I gained the confidence to get out of that chair while holding both boys that first day!

As time went on I realized carrying them both together was a necessity since of course when you have two infants they want to be held just as much as if you had one infant! Not to mention the fact that I was going to need to play with my older child now and then and being able to carry them hands-free was going to be necessary. I used a Moby Wrap Original 100% Cotton Solid Baby Carrier, Chocolate to carry both when they were tiny and then the moby on the front and an Ergo Baby Carrier Black with Camel Lining on the back once they got bigger and actually still use the ergo (they are 3 now) when they are having a rough time and want to be held. carrying and being able to pick up two infants is a difficult challenge, but it is certainly not dangerous as suggested by the writer claiming to give "Real-life advice from pregnancy through the first year".

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