Sunday, November 14, 2010

If you don't think you can make it to Portland try stopping in Brunswick!

Early on in the pregnancy we had decided that although we live about 15 minutes from the local hospital we were not going to go there to deliver. We had images of the hospital there from our childhoods that were just not positive and although unfair to assume 20 years later things would be the same we could not get past that image. So, ultimately we decided that we would travel to Portland, Me. to deliver even though they were an hour from our house. I knew from experience that the first sign of labor did not mean there was a rush to get to the hospital so I was confident we would be fine.... until.... my water broke as my husband and daughter were at the end of the driveway getting ready to go to Memere's!

So, my water broke and I though maybe we did not have time for him to go to drop Isabelle off and then come get me so we piled into the car. I of course was making my best effort to be happy and positive about the whole labor and baby thing... trying not to panic since Jason had done enough of that for both of us! Meanwhile, Jason had called the doctor again to say that my water had broken and should we just go to the hospital in town. She said, "Well, just head this way and if it seems like you can't make it stop in Brunswick." that was about the halfway point. Like i mentioned in a previous post, my husband is the cool and calm one under pressure. One of the kids falls and gets hurt, he's your man, but the prospect of delivering a highway baby or two was not exactly calming for him. We got to the Brunswick exit and Jason was like, "think we should stop?" and I was thinking, cool, we don't even know where this hospital is so I might as well just have them in the car! However, what I said was,"Nope, we are fine let's keep going!"

We arrived in Portland and I felt relieved... until, we took the wrong turn on the way to the hospital and ended up having to go through town... But we made it, and they were waiting for us which was cool! Actually, my parents, who live about 40 minutes further away from us made it there before we did, but we got there and that is what counts! When we saw my high school doctor, I again had a tough time getting past things, but I did and she was great! Super professional and very calming. I was not really happy about the prospect of doing a c-section and she did say that we could try it without, but I said, "no, this is the plan and we are sticking to the plan, but I do not want to... I just have to get that out there." So we proceeded with the plan which in the end was good because during labor Baby B, aka Ian, had flipped into the breach position and I likely would have ended up having to recover from both types of deliveries. That was my nightmare!

Anyway, so the boys arrived, happy and healthy. thanks to a massive team of doctors. It is funny, because more people than I can count have commented, "Oh, two for the price of 1!" to which I reply, "Nope it is really two for the cost of two, and actually more like 2.5!". When twins or higher order multiples are delivered there are LOTS of doctors & nurses around, and of course in a teaching hospital there are interns! Typically each baby has a team of doctors and nurses including NICU doctors in the event there is a problem. Plus, there is a team for the mom too. FYI those NICU people are super expensive! BUT completely worth it, especially if there is a problem which is not uncommon with multiple births.

Now, the real fun starts... Life with twins! Like I said in my very first post, I love all three of my kids and would not change a thing, but it is not easy... and sometimes I wish it were!

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