Sunday, November 7, 2010

Really? Cause I hadn't thought of that until now!

Ok, so I am sure that you are not shocked to hear that when you walk around with 2 kids the same age people make comments. I mean it is hard to resist. What I did not anticipate was how many comments I got about them before they were even born! A few (a VERY few) were helpful or positive the rest I could have gone my entire life without hearing.

So, apparently being pregnant means that perfect strangers should come up to you and your family to make some sort of comment. I knew this was coming from the first time around, and I didn't like it then either. The thing that was different this time was the expression on the perfect strangers face when they ask "when are you due?" and the response is much farther away than they anticipate. Of course, then it feels like you need to say something to explain the fact that you look like you are massive. For a while I tried to think of some smart comment, but I never came up with anything so I went with, "yeah, there are two in there". Then, it starts:
1. Wow, you are sure going to be busy.

 Really, cause I was thinking that having two infants, toddlers, preschoolers, etc at the same time was going to be a piece of cake! Oh, and yeah there is that older kid too... Thanks for that.

2. Did you plan that?

Yup. When I was ovulating we decided we really wanted to have twins so we danced naked in the front yard under a full mood before doing the deed! Seriously, did I plan it? What because it is an appropriate thing to ask someone if they have had fertility treatments that may have caused them to have increased chances of having twins?

3. What are you going to do?

Well, I imagine that around the time they are due I will go into labor and have them? Eventually we will come home and they will grow up to be leaders of the free world? Who knows!

4. You know, my ____________ was pregnant with twins and one died during the birth.

Well, thank you. I certainly was not concerned already that this might be a more risky pregnancy than others, so thanks for that bit of encouragement.

5. You know, sometimes one eats the other in utero.

Ummm... again, thanks!

6. Oh, you are so lucky to have got them all done in one shot!

Yeah, but did you not notice the toddler that is standing next to me... I realize I am massive and might be hiding her from view with my belly, but she is mine... AND who the heck are you telling me I have to be through? For all you know I want a few dozen more!

Of course the above list is not exhaustive... there were other asinine things that people said that are not worth it, but this next one takes the cake!

About 2 months before the boys were due Mom, Isabelle  & I spent a day in Portland looking for some last minute baby items and just getting out. We went into one store, I will not say which one, and the salesperson at the check out gasped (audibly) when she saw me... She said (she really did), "If you go into labor you are on your own!" I looked at her, did not crack a smile and simply said, "Thanks, I'm not due for another 2 months I think we are safe." She then replied, "WHAT? You cannot possible go another 2 months! You are HUGE!" I said, "Thanks, that is exactly what I was hoping to hear today." She still kept on talking... I just ignored her until I couldn't take it any more and said, "I am having twins!"

Fortunately or unfortunately these experiences were mine alone. Jason was working lots and often I was out without him and I heard and responded to the comments. Not that he couldn't have handled the comments, but he would have found them annoying and been a little less tactful about them. He got his fill once they arrived, but that is a story for another time!

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