Sunday, October 31, 2010

Ever wonder if the reality shows really are reality?

Well, after watching and hearing about all the reality shows about twins and multiples I felt like it was time to throw in my two cents! I realize that most of the reality shows depict higher order twins or as they are often dubbed "super twins" I felt that even telling the reality of a family with "just" twins might be worthwhile.

For those who may not be aware, I am the mom of a beautiful 6 year old and very spirited 3 year old twin boys. In the early days, people used to comment a lot on the whole John & Kate plus 8 thing. I had actually only seen the show maybe a handful of times and would find it infuriating. Why? Because there is absolutely zero truth to the show. I have since seen a few other shows that claim to be reality shows about multiples, but in fact the key component to most of these shows is that they leave out the reality. The sleepless nights, the bills that you can't pay, the fact that you can't afford cable to watch such things in the first place. With that said I love all 3 of my children and without hesitation would not change a thing, but if you are interested in what having twins is all about stay tuned...